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To use human rights impact assessment to replace environmental impact assessment system


Ng Yap Hwa


Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy

Policy Code:

2b Human Rights

Problem Statement / Issue:

There are many development projects approved by the government forcefully evicted indigenous people, urban settlers, farmers and fishermen, to address this problem, the EIA must be holistically reformed and adopt a human rights impact assessment system.

Value(s) and Belief(s):

Everyone has his / her right to housing which is in relation to his / her right to food, work and cultures.

Proposal of Solution and Call to Action:

To ensure public, private and government-linked corporations adhere to human rights standards and employ human rights impact assessment prior to approving any development projects of all scales, especially those on the mega spectrum.


Isu dan Polisi Semasa:

Nilai-nilai & Kepercayaan:


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