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Transform schools as a place students enjoy learning – A Reset.


Megat Mohamed Amin Megat Mohamed Nor



Policy Code:

3f Education

Problem Statement:

Education system didn’t take into consideration of the diversity of student’s capabilities and instead being opposed to nurturing creativity, throwing them into the rat-race i.e., teaching them that success is only about ‘good’ grades. We have lost the “becomingness” outcome from the education system. Schools promote “fear of failure, fear of being rejected or being disapproved”, thus destroys children’s love of learning, sense of curiosity, creativity and innovativeness. Later as adult, they are afraid to communicate for fear of being judged as not ‘smart’.

Value(s) and Belief(s):

Students must “enjoy and be happy to learn” in schools. Schools have teachers with passion and dedication, knowing The Creator Almighty, exploring nature (human, human relations and the environment), encouraging creativity and innovation, nurturing values (guiding principles), facilitating and solving problems.

Proposal of Solution:

Education system needs schools to be conducive to nurture student’s creativity.
1. Emphasize the importance of using students' interests to immerse them in the learning journey. Recognize and support students with diverse capabilities.
2. Design a learning environment, question-friendly environment and a schedule that encourages play, discovery and useful failure.
3. Find ways to involve parents and the wider community in the students' creative pursuits.
4. Connect problems and their solutions to real-world situations using problem-Based Learning and inquiry learning tools. Supported with new skills, inspired by cross-pollination of ideas.
5. Let students dream about solutions without borders and accomplishment without limitation. Lead them towards imagining what they want as opposed to just what they think is possible.
6. Incorporate “learning” classroom practices with outings to explore and learn from nature and the environment.


Isu dan Polisi Semasa:

Nilai-nilai dan Kepercayaan:


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