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Demands for Indian Malaysians for a Better Future


Workers' union/Tamil Foundation/EWRF


Workers' union/Tamil Foundation/EWRF

Policy Code:

3h Labour

Problem Statement:

Given the fact that Malaysia is undergoing rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, there will be trends that will effect community of workers like the Indian Malaysian plantation workers.

Value(s) and Belief(s):

What is clear is that the resolution of our problems and the attainment of our aspirations would require an alternative development strategy that is truly caring and just. Broadly, this would entail a non-communal political system and a development strategy centered on notions of equitable distribution of wealth, democracy, justice and spiritual growth. The demands made here are a step in that direction.

Proposal of Solution:

We demand that the government organises a department that monitors such trends and propose plans to alleviate the problems that may be faced by such community of workers like for instances retraining and reskilling these workers to enter another or new sectors of the economy.

Additionally, since large numbers of plantation workers are being displaced, there is a need to manage this movement from rural to urban areas. It's therefore imperative that these groups of people are provided training and reskilling and social skills for urban living. The government should look into allocating additional funds for these group of people to go into small businesses.

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