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Accepted proposals for the Policy Town Hall session, sorted by Pillar and policy area.


The proposals on display here are kept in original or revised words of the submitters, some are provided with the translation (Malay or English).


Comments and feedback are welcome, please send them to us at, we will help forward them to the respective authors. Better, please come to our Policy Town Hall session yourself, and discuss directly with our presenters.

Pillar 1 

This pillar focuses on unity in diversity and Bangsa Malaysia. The themes of the proposals under this pillar are codes:

1a - Bangsa Malaysia 

1b - Religious Harmony

Pillar 3

A progressive nation comprise a just, equitable and democratic society. Pillar 3 of the Manifesto Rakyat 2021 consists of proposals falling within the following policy areas: codes

3a - Electoral Reform

3b - Parliamentary Reform

3c - Judiciary Reform

3d - Anti-corruption

3e - Economic Justice

3f - Education

3g - Local Democracy

3h - Labour

3i - Health

3j - Environment

3k - Transport

3l - Agriculture

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