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Demands of Indian Malaysians for a Better Future


Anusha Arumugam


Policy Code

Tamil Foundation/EWRF

1A Bangsa Malaysia

Problem Statement:

Our demands range from those specific to the Indian community to issues that involve all other communities in the country. We believe that the solutions to a number of critical problems facing Indian Malaysians can only be resolved within a national framework and with the resolution of similar, if not the same, problems faced by all Malaysians. In short, the destiny of the Indian community is intimately tied to the fate of all the other communities in the country. Our demands are presented below in the universal spirit sanctified in all civilisations that seeks fairness and justice.

Value(s) and Belief(s):

What is clear is that the resolution of our problems and the attainment of our aspirations would require an alternative development strategy that is truly caring and just. Broadly, this would entail a non-communal political system and a development strategy centered on notions of equitable distribution of wealth, democracy, justice and spiritual growth. The demands made here are a step in that direction.

Proposal of Solution:

In the transition from communal to non-communal politics, we demand reservation of seats for Indian Malaysians and other minorities in decision making bodies at all levels of the government, especially in local councils and special authorities to represent the Indian Malaysians and other minorities. Where there already exists reservations, it must be increased to correlatively increase representation. The representation of Indian Malaysians need to be open to not only politicians but also to informal leaders and other responsible members of community.


Isu Semasa dan Polisi:

Nilai-nilai & Kepercayaan:


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