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More and Expanded roles for Parliamentary Committees


G25 Malaysia


G25 Malaysia

Kod Dasar:

3b Paliamentary Reform

Problem Statement:
For ensuring proper and effective checks and balances so as to safeguard public interests against the abuse of power, it is imperative that that Parliament has a greater and more dynamic role in overseeing the functions of the Government, particularly the operations and performance of Ministries and other Public Sector Agencies.
Value(s) and Belief(s):
Proper check and balances will instil confidence in our legislative system. Greater prominence for Parliamentary committees will trigger a restoration of powers to MPs when approving legislation and diminish attempts by the Executive to undermine the role and powers of Parliament.
Proposal of Solution:
Establish and reignite the Parliamentary Select Committees which have been established which should have oversight functions of government activities on a regular basis, as well as undertake special investigations when there are wrongdoings. Specific proposals include: setting up of Parliamentary committees for Legislation to consider bills, and other Parliamentary committees to oversee Executive activities; enhancing the PAC with chairman from the Opposition party as is the international practices; strengthen the legal framework and Parliament Standing Orders which define the processes cum procedures including the rules of best practices in appointments to plus functioning of parliamentary committees and their financing as well as independent administration.

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