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Addressing the issues of Bajau Laut Community access to citizenship


Maalini Ramalo


DHRRA Malaysia

Policy Code:

2g1 Sabah

Problem Statement:

Most of the bajau laut population residing in Sabah does not have access to citizenship leaving them vulnerable and risk of exploitation.

Value(s) and Belief(s):

Possession of a nationality carries with it the diplomatic protection of the country of nationality and is also often a legal or practical requirement for the exercise of fundamental rights.

Proposal of Solution:

Ensure the comprehensive application of existing safeguards provided by the Federal Constitution to ensure that every child born in Malaysia, who will otherwise be stateless, is granted Malaysian nationality, regardless of the gender, ethnicity, documentation or immigration status of the parents

Additional Information:


Isu dan Polisi Semasa:

Nilai-nilai dan Kepercayaan:


Informasi Tambahan:

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